Urgent: Texas Abortion Law

“Access to almost all abortion has just been cut off for millions of people. The impact will be immediate and devastating.” American Civil Liberties Union The limits on rights are now real. And with bounty hunters… This morning the Supreme Court decided to let Texas’s new law, S.B. 8, go into effect. This law allows … Read more

Arizona List’s Fall 2021 Training Schedule

Arizona List is excited to announce their virtual training series for the rest of 2021! We have a variety of trainings for volunteers, campaign staff, and candidates. Whether you are trying to get more involved, exploring running for office, or looking to become a better volunteer or campaign staffer, we have a training for you! … Read more

Mayor Romero Highlights Importance of Passing American Jobs Plan

ICYMI: Mayor Romero Highlights Importance of Passing American Jobs Plan for Tucson Infrastructure Projects in Arizona Daily Star Op-ed Yesterday, Mayor Romero penned an op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star highlighting the positive impacts that the American Jobs Plan would have on Tucson. Her op-ed came days after seed funding was included in the $547 million INVEST in America Act surface transportation bill … Read more

Rep. Andrea Dalessandro – No Flat Tax for Fat Cats

When this session budget was introduced by the Arizona Republicans, we were appalled to see the proposition of a flat tax in Arizona that will greatly hurt Arizonans and leave us in a financially dangerous position in the future. Representative Andrea Dalessandro from LD2 stood up to explain the devastating effects of this proposal on … Read more

Getting Ready for the Battle of 2022: Summer Panels

This legislative session has been one of the most extreme we’ve seen yet. From the sham “audit” led by Senate Republicans, numerous voter suppression, anti-abortion, and anti-education bills, and the disrespect many of the Democratic women faced by the Republican members; this session has been a clear reminder of how important it to flip the … Read more