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Originally written by Analise Ortiz.

I’m eating breakfast and wanted to just give you a quick update on how we’re working to protect consumers from price-gouging. 

This week, two bills I co-sponsored were heard in the commerce committee. HB 2040 and HB 2194 will crack down on bots and ticket resale websites that price-gouge consumers and hurt local music artists, comedians, and actors. 

Corporate interests were not happy about this. In fact, they flew in out-of-state lobbyists to try to stop our bills. But I’m happy to tell you both bills passed through committee.

These bills are important because every dollar saved matters for Arizonans right now. Bots and ticket resellers are manipulating the market and upcharging people by hundreds of dollars for sporting events, concerts, and live theatre. Arizonans should be able to enjoy a night out of fun with our families without breaking the bank because of bad actors. 

The next step is for these bills to be voted on by the full House of Representatives. I will keep you updated on this legislation as well as our fight to make housing more affordable, raise wages, and protect your civil rights. 

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