Endorsement Process

Arizona List strives to make a difference in Arizona politics by working to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice, Democratic women to local and state office in the state. This includes endorsing candidates for office.

Arizona List has an Endorsement Committee made up of representatives Arizona List Board, community members from all regions of the state, elected officials, and political staff for Arizona List. They carefully review materials provided by the candidates and Arizona List staff to determine whether Arizona List will endorse or recommend a candidate.

The endorsement committee looks at the full picture of a campaign, candidate, and  an when considering candidates for endorsement. They look at a variety of criteria that includes but is not limited to: campaign plan, voter contact plan, fundraising plan, campaign staff and organization, professional history, community connections, pro-choice statements and work, and campaign platform.

An endorsement from Arizona List means that a candidate has demonstrated that they are fully pro-choice, has a well set-up and planned campaign, and the campaign reflects their district and the values of the district.

A recommendation from Arizona List means that either there multiple pro-choice, Democratic women running in a primary, or general in the case of nonpartisan races, in which neither candidate stands out or has any major campaign problems and therefore we will allow the voters to choose and we will support whomever wins the primary. It can also indicate that were some concerns or questions from the endorsement committee or goals that campaign needs to meet before it can be reconsidered for endorsement.

Check out the candidates we have endorsed for the 2022 cycle and our current and past elected officials we have worked with in our 17 years of hard work!

For an endorsement application, please email our office.

Check out this video on advice on running for office.