Your Membership Helps Women Win!

Arizona List is a Membership based organization. Membership dollars are used to recruit, train, elect, support and retain pro-choice Democratic women in offices across the state of Arizona.

Annual Membership Benefits come with a $100 donation.

However, any contribution you make allows you to become a Member. There are different levels of Membership with different benefits. Please see the Membership Levels described below to select the type of annual membership that best fits your goals and financial abilities. All donations will be put to immediate use to help elect and support pro-choice Democratic pro-choice elected women across Arizona.

Annual Membership

Contribute at the $100 level and become a fully benefited annual member today!

Join the Team! Current annual member benefits include:

  • Free access to our monthly virtual events,
  • Reduced price admission to our in-person events, 
  • Reduced price admission to our VIP Guest Speaker Events, 
  • Reduced price admission to our Annual Event

Monthly Sustaining Membership

Spread it out! Join now for as little as a cup of coffee a month for the next 12 months (automatically processed) and receive full membership benefits right away. 

Current monthly member benefits include:

  • Free access to our monthly virtual events,
  • Reduced price admission to our in-person events, 
  • Reduced price admission to our VIP Guest Speaker Events, 
  • Reduced price admission to our Annual Event.

Student/Activist Membership

We strive not only for Arizona List to be accessible to members at every level. Arizona List values and supports students and activists. And we know you give what you can give.

Students are the future of our Democratic process and we believe it is critical to help inspire, support, and guide them every step of the way however we can. Activists are the warriors on the ground, making noise for social justice and human rights movements.

Our vision is to change the face of power in Arizona. Join us today in taking the first step to getting involved by signing up for a Student or Activist Membership, for just $10 a year!

Memorial Tributes

We established the CJ Briggle Memorial Fund in honor of CJ Briggle who was a longtime Ahwatukee community organizer and activist who built communities and brought people together. Donations to the CJ Briggle Fund will help Arizona List elect pro-choice Democratic women to office in Arizona. Click HERE to donate to the CJ Briggle Memorial Fund.

We established the Linda Hale Barber Memorial Fund to honor her memory as a committed and compassionate leader in the movement. These funds are used to support current Arizona List endorsed candidates.  Click HERE to donate to the Linda Hale Barber Memorial Fund.

To make a donation in memory or to honor someone, please include their name in the comment field on the donation page. Arizona List thanks you deeply for that contribution.

If you are interested in establishing a memorial or tribute fund to honor someone, please contact [email protected].

Leadership Council

Join a key group of influential donors who invest in a long term vision of the work of Arizona List.

The Leadership Council is the influential group of donors who are investing in a long-term vision for Arizona by electing more progressive Democratic women to office. Because of the generosity of Leadership Council donors, we are able to maintain a year-round political department that meets the needs of women who want to run for office.

Your commitment to the Leadership Council ensures that women’s voices are part of the conversation on school boards, in city council, in state legislature, and in statewide offices.

The Leadership Council also provides in-the-field training for our interns to help develop the next generation of leaders.

For more information email [email protected].

Janet Napolitano Circle

Former Attorney General and Governor of Arizona
$25,000 & above

Gabby Giffords Circle

Former Arizona legislator and congresswoman
$10,000 to $24,999

Betty & Jean Fairfax Circle

Teachers, philanthropists, and advocates for educational equity
$7,500 to $9,999

Maria Urquides Circle

Teacher, national advisor, and advocate for bilingual education
$5,000 to $7,499

Rose Mofford Circle

First woman Governor of Arizona
$1,000 to $4,999

Carolyn Warner Circle

Education advocate and 3-term Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction
$500 to $999

Joan Kaye Cauthorn Circle

Social worker and philanthropist in Southern Arizona
$250 to $499