Gov Hobbs’ State of the State

The Arizona legislature is back in session, and we want to express our gratitude to the hardworking legislators who continue to be champions for progress in our state. Your dedication does not go unnoticed, and we appreciate your ongoing efforts.

During this session, Arizona List was particularly proud to hear Governor Hobbs outline her agenda for 2024. Her commitment to advancing Arizona is evident, and we are excited to support her initiatives.

Here are some key highlights from Governor Hobbs’ State of the State address:

  1. “Arizona is Home” Mortgage Assistance Program: Governor Hobbs announced the creation of this program, designed to assist middle-class Arizonans in realizing their dream of homeownership.
  2. Reforms for the Universal ESA Voucher Program: The governor emphasized the need for vital reforms in the universal ESA voucher program, ensuring fair treatment and benefits for all. Additionally, she underscored the importance of securing well-deserved raises for our hardworking teachers.
  3. Commitment to Reproductive Rights: Governor Hobbs highlighted the critical importance of reproductive rights, emphasizing the need for comprehensive healthcare access. She introduced three key bills aimed at expanding reproductive rights, including the repeal of the 1864 abortion ban and the passage of the Right to Contraception Act.

In her own words, “Women deserve to have access to the healthcare we need. We deserve the right to have our personal rights protected. We deserve the right to make decisions for ourselves and our families.”

We extend our sincere thanks to Governor Hobbs for her inspiring State of the State address and her unwavering commitment to Arizona’s future. As Arizona List, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue fighting for reproductive rights throughout 2024!

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