About Us

Arizona women determined to make significant change.

Arizona List was founded in 2004 by a group of Arizona women determined to make significant change in their communities by electing more pro-choice, Democratic women. Arizona List is a powerful force in statewide politics due to it’s well funded political action committee solely dedicated to electing women in Arizona.

Arizona List knows the best way to work towards a progressive Arizona is to elect more pro-choice, Democratic women — the elected officials who’ll stand up and fight when women’s rights are on the line. Arizona List identifies races in which a pro-choice, Democratic woman can win; recruits smart, viable and qualified women to run; and helps candidates throughout their campaign by providing the resources they need to organize, fundraise and communicate their message for a victorious campaign.

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Join a community of Arizonans committed to electing pro-choice, Democratic women to school boards, city councils, county boards, the state legislature, and state-wide office.