Protecting Our Rights: Arizona Leaders Take a Stand for Access to Contraception

When the Dobbs decision first leaked and eventually came out, many people were concerned about the precedent this would set for overturning other Supreme Court decisions. Almost scarier than the reversal of Roe vs Wade was the new threat to previously won rights, what else could be next?

Arizona is fortunate to have leaders who are thinking ahead and working hard to fight against right-wing attacks on our rights. Last week Governor Katie Hobbs and Rep. Athena Salman announced plans to introduce a Right to Contraception Act in the next legislative session that would protect the right to access birth control in Arizona. 

Rep Salman said that while this legislation has not been drafted yet, it will mirror federal legislation that will protect access to contraception, regardless of any Supreme Court Rulings.

 “We are in a crisis right now, this is an emergency,” Salman asserted. “Arizonans right now have the right to know and have the right to have the peace of mind that when they go to bed, their contraception will still be available to them when they wake up in the morning.”

Arizona’s leaders, Governor Katie Hobbs and Rep. Athena Salman, are fighting to protect access to contraception. Their proposed Right to Contraception Act is a crucial step in preserving reproductive rights and ensuring peace of mind for Arizonans. Let’s stand with them in the fight for accessible healthcare and the right to make informed decisions about our bodies.

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