Meet Eddie Farnsworth – charter school millionaire

Meet Arizona’s newest multi-millionaire – Representative Eddie Farnsworth – and YOU are footing the bill.

“East Valley charter-school owner and state lawmaker Eddie Farnsworth is poised for a payday of up to $30 million after the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools approved the transfer of his for-profit charter-school chain to a newly formed non-profit company on Monday.”

That move will allow Farnsworth, a longtime Republican state representative, to sell the campuses — paid for with state tax dollars — to the non-profit company for between $11.8 million and $29.9 million, according to Charter Board records.”

Eddie spent his time in the Arizona legislature creating favorable laws to allow his private business to bilk Arizona taxpayers. His response to concerns about this sweetheart deal:

“I make no apologies for being successful.” – Eddie Farnsworth

The Arizona legislature has devolved in to a testing lab for the Koch brothers and other rich Republicans – and they have gone unchecked for far too long. They manipulate policy to favor their own personal interests, at the expense of all Arizonans:

“Once the planned sale to the new non-profit business closes later this year, taxpayers will have paid for the same schools twice.”

We can’t stand idly by while these Horrible Republicans continue to exploit Arizonans and destroy public education in the process. Arizona voters are disgusted, and have had ENOUGH!

Eddie, we make no apologies for calling you out and working hard to defeat you in November!

The good news? He won’t have it easy!

We have two great women who are working hard to turn out newly motivated voters in this traditionally Red district. If we pull together to support them, we can send a clear message to Eddie in November!


Arizona List-recommended candidate Elizabeth Brown calls out this betrayal of public trust:

“Some of our Republican legislators have no shame!! Outrageous!! Our children, our families, our taxpayers deserve better!”

Elizabeth is a true fighter for accountability, a supporter of public education and an advocate for our children! 



Arizona List-recommended candidate, Lynsey Robinson is running for the House in this district working hard alongside Elizabeth.

Lynsey is a mom, a lawyer and a former teacher. As a lawyer, she knows what accountability looks like and will work to protect funds designated for public education.



We stand with Elizabeth and Lynsey, and hope that you will join us in fighting back against monstrous Republicans who think it is “success” to use our hard-earned tax dollars, designated to educate Arizona children, to get rich.

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