LD5 ARizona List Candidates

Arizona List has endorsed Jen Longdon and Sarah Liguori for the two Arizona House seats in LD5.

Jen Longdon is a gun violence survivor fighting for sensible gun legislation and disability rights. In 2004, Jen was paralyzed in a random drive-by shooting, changing the trajectory of her life. Before the shooting, Jen was a successful  businesswoman and family provider. After the shooting, she  struggled to stay afloat, losing her health insurance while lying in a  hospital bed in a coma and confronting poverty head-on. But in the  face of such adversity, Jen triumphed. Upon her recovery, Jen became a force for good in our community.  Jen worked to raise awareness and improve the lives of people with  disabilities and increase opportunities and access for other  marginalized groups. She also focused significant energy on gun  violence prevention, spearheading grassroots efforts and advancing  policy change at the local, state, and national levels. Since first elected as state representative for Arizona LD24 in 2018,  Jen has worked tirelessly to build a stronger, healthier community  and improve the lives of all people in our community. Jen became the first Democrat appointed to chair an Ad Hoc committee in more  than 60 years in her first term. Upon her 2020 reelection, Jen’s peers  elected her to serve as Assistant Leader. In 2021, more bills  introduced by Democrats were passed than in the prior six years  combined. Learn more about Jen and her campaign issues at her website here.

Sarah Liguori is a mom and business leader working to fully fund education and address Arizona’s water crisis. Sarah grew up in Tucson and earned a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Arizona. During college she worked in  real estate on a land development project in Benson, AZ and coached soccer at her former high school. After college, Sarah moved to Central Phoenix to pursue a career in commercial real estate development. During the Great Recession, Sarah used her economics background to become a licensed Financial Advisor at BMO Harris Bank, to help clients build long-term financial plans to pursue their goals. Later, she started her own practice in order to focus on small business clients, young professionals and families. She believes that financial planning guidance should be more readily  accessible to people, no matter their net worth. She values her community  connections and knows she is bringing her professional background in finance along  with her experience as a small business owner to her new role shaping legislation that  strengthens Arizona’s families.  Sarah is the mother of two sons, ages 5 and 3 and is married to Andrew, a radiologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Sarah is a strong  advocate for public education, knowing that it is the foundation that gives every child  the opportunity for a successful life. Sarah was appointed in 2021 to fill a vacancy in the State House of Representatives. She serves on the Government and Elections and the Commerce Committees. Learn more about Sarah and her campaign issues at her website here.

Arizona List has endorsed Lela Alston for the Arizona Senate.

Lela Alston is a retired teacher advocating for public education and access to affordable healthcare. For the past eleven years Lela Alston has represented LD 24 in the Arizona Legislature: she served eight years in the House and is now in her fourth year in the Senate, where she serves on the Appropriations, Finance, and Government committees. She previously served in the Senate from 1977 to 1995. Throughout her career as a lawmaker, she has championed public schools and universities, advocated on behalf of vulnerable communities, and worked to find common ground with colleagues. She seeks pragmatic solutions to the challenges confronting our state. Lela is a native Arizonan and a proud product of our public school system. As a former teacher, she is passionate about ensuring accessible and affordable public education that prepares Arizona’s young people for 21st Century careers. She also serves as an at-large member of the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board, the district where she taught for 34 years. Other priorities include improving the lives of children and families, working in support of housing for the homeless and low-income families, and defending the civil rights of all of Arizona’s citizens. Learn more about Lela and her campaign issues at her website here.

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