LD6 and Flagstaff Candidates

Arizona List has endorsed Theresa Hatathalie for the Arizona Senate

Theresa Hatathalie a State Senator fighting for voting rights and access to clean water and air. Senator Hatathlie has worked with youth in the Navajo Department of Workforce Development in Tuba City, Arizona and specifically for more than 20 years with the Navajo Nation’s Western Agency Diné Y.O.U.T.H. program. She is an appointed member of the Board of Regents for Diné College, reinvigorating this institution with a revamped strategic approach that integrates western and Navajo pedagogic standards. As a recently appointed Arizona State Senator she is a member of the Education, Government, and Commerce committees. She conducts exhaustive research to influence judicious votes on legislation on behalf of Legislative District 7 (now District 6), which includes eight tribal nations and eight counties. Hatathlie’s top priorities will be environmental preservation, safe drinking water, roads and transportation, public education, access to higher education and broadband internet access.

Arizona List has endorsed Mae Peshlakai for the Arizona House.

Mae Peshlakai is a community leader and boarding school survivor advocating for rural and tribal Arizona. Mae is Dine’; Tangle People Clan and born for the Deer Water Clan, Maternal grandfather Salt Clan and her paternal grandfather’s clan is the Rock Gap People Clan. As a child, she attended a U.S. Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs Boarding School in Tolani Lake, Arizona, 100 miles northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. She is a boarding school survivor. In 1965, after marrying her husband, James Peshlakai, an accomplished silver and goldsmith, she took up silversmithing and, to this day, makes jewelry every day as well as weave. She knows the issues and challenges of District 6 and has worked tirelessly for the communities of rural and tribal Northern Arizona. As a Precinct and State Committee Member of the Arizona Democratic Party, she has worked or volunteered on the majority of tribal, county, state and federal elections since 1974. She has traveled all of Arizona’s Legislative District 6 to register voters, collect signatures for candidate petitions, referendums, and educate constituents on the US census and the 2021 redistricting. Mae is committed to be the voice of the people of rural and tribal Arizona.

Arizona List has endorsed Becky Daggett for Flagstaff Mayor

Becky Daggett is a nonprofit leader and city councilwoman working for accountable and transparent city government. Becky won her first term on the Flagstaff City Council in 2020, earning the role of Vice Mayor as the top vote recipient. Becky currently directs northern Arizona organizing efforts for the statewide Stop Dark Money campaign. Becky served as the Executive Director of three Flagstaff nonprofits: Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, and Flagstaff Arts Council (interim) and worked for the City of Flagstaff as the Business Retention and Expansion Manager. Governor Napolitano appointed her to serve as co-chair of her Growing Smarter Oversight Council—a role she filled for six years. She is a Flinn-Brown Fellow with the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership. Becky managed successful ballot campaigns raising more than $50 million for trails, recreation amenities, and open space protection in Flagstaff and Coconino County. Becky is a volunteer with the arts locally and statewide, receiving two awards for her theater performances. Becky serves on boards, and otherwise volunteers, for many Flagstaff nonprofit organizations, but her favorite volunteer experience is reading to children at Killip Elementary in Flagstaff. Becky earned a Master’s degree in Sustainable Communities and continues to foster her keen interest in how communities are built and strengthened. You can learn more about Becky and her campaign issues on her website.

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