Yuma Candidates

Arizona List has endorsed strong pro-choice women in Yuma

Karen Watts in running for Mayor of Yuma

Karen Watts is a City Councilmember and nurse practitioner fighting for improved infrastructure and a sustainable future for Yuma. Karen is a Yuma native, born and raised, who’s family presence in the Yuma community dates back to the 1800’s. She has had the privilege to raise a family of her own here while having the opportunity to play an active role in serving her community. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Arizona, working in critical care nursing for nine years. She then proceeded to become a Family Nurse Practitioner at Arizona State University. Since then, she has had experience working with diverse populations of patients within the medical field. She has served as a flight nurse, a primary care provider for adults and pediatrics, a provider of hospice care, a practitioner in treating substance abuse patients, and a sexual assault nurse examiner. Karen believes a variety of experience is quintessential in being a well-rounded professional. In 2007, she took on the role as business woman, opening her own medical practice as there was a great need in the growing community. She continues to find avenues to give back to her hometown by volunteering and supporting local efforts. In 2011, Karen was inducted into the Amberly’s Place Directors Hall of Fame for her service to the victims and their families. She continues to serve as a forensic examiner as well as the medical coordinator for Amberly’s Place. Karen has reached a point in her life where she believes she can make even greater efforts in serving Yuma County. With hard work and great desire, her unique background has led her to become a Yuma City Councilmember and now run for Mayor of Yuma. Learn more about Karen at her website here.

Carol Smith is running for the Yuma City Council

Carol Smith is a nurse and former school board member advocating for accountability in local government and affordable housing. Carol is a nurse educator in Yuma who has been active in the community her entire life. She has spent most of her career as a NICU nurse and currently works as a nurse educator at Yuma Regional Medical Center. She was elected to the Crane Governing Board in 2020 where she learned the importance of being accessible to constituents. We have reached a time where many people are vocal about their mistrust in government. They speak to the inability to reach their politicians, or even gain a response when asking or submitting questions. She has shown herself to be visible, engaged, and ready to listen.When elected to City Council, Carol will focus on fully funding public safety programs, access to higher education, and creating more affordable housing. She would like to work with developers to provide incentive for them to build here, or allow for modification of existing structures for affordability.

Kathy Hoffman is running for re-election as Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kathy Hoffman is Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction and is currently running for re-election. Superintendent Hoffman has spent her entire career working in public education, first as a preschool teacher and then as a speech-language pathologist. She began her career in the Vail School District in Southern Arizona before joining the Peoria School District. Her experience as both an educator and advocate for students with disabilities informs her vision for public education. Throughout her career, she has fought tirelessly for equal access to high-quality public education regardless of a student’s race, gender, or zip code. The last year has been one of the most challenging for our schools, but she has led this office by listening to our students, teachers, and administrators to implement data-driven policies and solutions that will protect our students and schools. From partnering with Cox to expand affordable internet services to providing an additional $21 million to fund the School Safety Grant Program, Superintendent Hoffman has shown the successes of having an educator lead. Learn more about Kathy and her campaign at her website here.

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