Statement on Legislature’s Ongoing Scam Against Arizona Voters 

March 24, 2024
Contact: Dawn Penich, 480-734-6904
[email protected]

PHOENIX – Arizona’s House of Representatives Rules Committee met for late introduction of bills today – the first step toward referring up to three anti-abortion measures to the November ballot aimed at confusing and deceiving voters in hopes of pulling votes from the Arizona Abortion Access Act. 

An attorney for anti-abortion extremists in the Legislature accidentally circulated a document last week revealing their intent to scam Arizona voters by referring directly to the November ballot up to three extreme abortion bans – including a 14-week ban they say they would “disguise” as a 15 week ban – in order to manipulate voters away from supporting the citizen-led Arizona Abortion Access Act. The leaked scam also details multiple plans to subvert the will of voters by allowing the Legislature authority to undo protections for abortion access approved by voters at the ballot box. 

“Anti-abortion extremists in the Arizona Legislature are introducing these dishonest placeholder bills because they know voters across the political spectrum support the abortion protections in the Arizona Abortion Access Act,” said Chris Love, spokesperson for Arizona for Abortion access. 

“Arizona voters are smarter than anti-abortion extremists give them credit for. Extremist politicians are desperate to keep their stranglehold over voters, even by explicitly lying to us so they can sustain their deeply unpopular bans on abortion access. Arizonans support our citizen-led effort at historic levels because they know only the Arizona Abortion Access Act will restore reproductive freedom and ensure patients, their families and their providers can make our own healthcare decisions – not the very same politicians scamming them today,” said Cheryl Bruce, Arizona for Abortion Access campaign manager. 

Since Arizona’s Supreme Court upheld a deadly ban on abortion from 1864, the Arizona for Abortion Access campaign has seen a tremendous surge in support of the already-popular measure. Statewide volunteers for the campaign nearly doubled to 6,000, first-time small dollar donors hit more than 5,300 in the few days following the ruling, and in just one example of voter enthusiasm for the AAA, in one hour at one volunteer event in Phoenix last week, 2,200 signatures were notarized. 

The campaign is well on its way to hitting its goal of 800,000 signatures by the July 3 deadline because Arizona voters across all political parties support Constitutionally-protected reproductive freedoms and the right to make our own healthcare decisions, free from government interference and relentless political schemes like the ones witnessed this month in the Legislature.


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