Lauren Kuby: Climate Champion

Who is Lauren Kuby:

Lauren Kuby, a two-term council member and former vice mayor of Tempe, is a long-time advocate for consumer, environmental, and worker protections. Lauren is a recognized national champion for climate action and cities as incubators of innovation.

Veteran journalist Juan Gonzales featured Lauren in his book, Reclaiming Gotham, citing her as evidence of a growing movement of cities taking progressive action and challenging legislative interference in local democracies. Lauren has led Tempe’s efforts for social, economic, environmental, and racial justice, including equal pay, earned sick days, climate action plans, affordable housing, animal welfare, urban forestry, transparency, and campaign-finance reform.

She spearheaded a dark- money ballot initiative, garnering 91% support from Tempe voters. The MSNBC docuseries American Swamp spotlighted Lauren’s efforts to expose the corruptive influence of money in Politics.

As a sustainability scientist at Arizona State University, Lauren manages community outreach for the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation and engages the ASU community, small businesses, nonprofits, and neighborhoods in sustainable solutions.

As manager of ASU’s Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family, she works with cities and nonprofits to connect the dots among housing, health, food access and transportation and helps craft regional integrated solutions leading to healthy communities.

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