Join Me on March 11th – Claire Knipe

I wanted to take a moment to share with you all a little about my excitement for Arizona List’s 19th annual event, just two and a half weeks away. 

I have been involved with politics since I was in high school and have always been passionate about reproductive rights and access to abortion. That’s why I am so excited about our keynote speakers for this year’s event; Paula Avila-Guillen & Elida Caballero Cabrera from the Women’s Equality Center will talk about how the reproductive rights movement in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina fought for abortion access.

These two activist and lawyers have spent their lives dedicated to legalizing and expanding access to abortion. I cannot wait to hear more from them about how they did this work, what important lessons they learned, and what legalization of abortion through a Constitutional amendment would look like here in the United States.

Make sure you purchase your ticket today for our upcoming event to see these two incredible women and learn more about Mexico’s legalization of abortion.

I hope to see you there!
Claire Knipe
Arizona List Political Director

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