Congratulations Doreen Garlid!


March 11, 2020 

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Allison Bodnum, 630-390-0121

Congratulations Doreen Garlid! 

Phoenix, 2020–  March 10, 2020 Tempe made history by electing Doreen Garlid to serve on its city council! Garlid’s election was historic, as she will be the first Native American to serve on the Tempe City Council. 

Doreen has been serving her community for over 30 years. From serving on her children’s Parent Teacher Organizations, to dozens of grassroot organizations, Doreen is ready to represent the citizens of Tempe. Her main issues include affordable housing, public safety, balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility, and taking steps to preserve the environment. To read more about her goals, visit her website 

Let’s carry this momentum into upcoming elections, and continue electing progressive Democratic women up and down the ballot! Together we can turn Arizona blue, and create a better future. 



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