16th Annual Event

March 7, 2020 Arizona List held their Annual Event honoring outstanding women in our communities with the key-note speaker being Karine Jean-Pierre.

At the breakfast in Phoenix, our awardees included; Raquel Terán who was awarded for her inspiring fact-finding mission seeing first-hand the effect criminalizing abortions has on women; Jennifer Longdon for being a relentless voice for preventing gun violence, and improving accessibility; and Charlotte Raynor who was awarded for her exceptional service in grassroots efforts and serving on her Precinct Committee and State Committee. Despite the early morning, the room in Phoenix was full of inspiring energy and was a fantastic way to kick off the day!

During the luncheon in Tucson, our awardees included; Holly Lyon, who was awarded for her effort in LD 11 to turn out the vote to help our state-wide candidates; Elvria Suarez Din, who was awarded for being a rising star, she was the Field Director for Regina Romero and went door to door talking to and registering people in efforts to create history by electing the first Latina Mayor in Tucson; and Charlene Mendoza who was awarded for her amazing service in our community, from being the founder of a charter school in Tucson to serving on multiple boards, Charlene is dedicated to meaningful representation in government and a democracy that is truly reflective of our population. 

Karine Jean-Pierre was an absolute inspiration speaking about the importance of this election. 2020 is not only the year we have the opportunity to turn Arizona blue, take back our country, but also set precedent that every single voice matters.  By taking control of the state legislature- we will have a united voice in redistricting. By electing folks who look like those voting, we gain fair representation. Karine believes that together, we will turn Arizona blue and take control of the state legislature. Women make change happen.


Be sure to check out this video to see how Arizona List will achieve success in 2020:

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