Why Vote?

We asked you all to share your thoughts on why you vote and why voting is essential. As we celebrate the 19th Amendment’s legacy AND our 19th birthday, your insights form a significant part of our special birthday celebration! Check them all out below.

“My vote is a way to stand up for justice, equality, and representation. It’s a way for me to contribute to a society that values the concerns and needs of all its members, regardless of their background or circumstances. My journey from undocumented to using my vote to advocate for others has shaped my commitment to making a difference in the world around me. My decision to vote goes beyond just my own interests; I vote to represent the voiceless. This includes immigrants like myself who might face challenges in being heard, as well as other marginalized groups such as children and women who may not have the same level of influence in the political process. I believe that by casting my vote, I can contribute to policies and decisions that prioritize the well-being of these groups.”

“Because I want a better state of Arizona”

“I vote because it’s a crucial way to shape our shared future.”

“To protect my rights!”

“To participate in the democratic process and elect representatives”

“As a citizen it is important to vote as part of our democracy and an engaged member of society.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever missed voting in an election. My mom regularly volunteered at the polls and elections were a topic of conversation in my house. I’m invested in what happens in my community, state, and country and voting is quite simply the least that I can do. I care about many issues and I vote for people who also care about those issues so that together, we can make positive change.”

“It’s important for every voice to be heard, and voting is one of the more important ways for one to exercise their voice.”

“Who you vote for, matters. Who gets elected, matters. There are issues at the state and the federal levels that affect our Latino communities. There are issues that affect our democracy. There are people who truly have a heart for public service but they can not do it alone. They need to hear from everyone. They need everyone’s voice to get elected and get the job done for our community. This is how democrats will soon be the majority at the state legislature.”

“I vote because I want to have a say in my government. I also use my vote to speak for my students who deserve to be heard even before they are old enough to vote.”

“To participate in and to perpetuate our democracy.”

“It’s the easiest way to voice our opinion. It’s up to us to vote for good people so our community can (possibly) have the best representation it possibly can.”

“To have my voice heard!”

“I vote because my daughter’s future depends on it! I want to make my community a place of inclusion.”

“To have my voice counted and heard. For too long someone like myself could not vote, and I will make sure that I show the power of it.”

“I vote to have a say in our county, state, and country-wide decisions that impact millions of people. Voting is a way to be a part of our political system and try to make a difference in society.”

“I vote to state my preferences with my vote. I vote because I believe that our solutions are better when many diverse perspectives are included.”

“I vote to make my voice heard in the local and national policies that will effect the community around me, some of the previous propositions I have voted on have shaped the way my state looks now.”

“It would never occur to me not to vote. I grew up in the Midwest where most women have always been vocal partners in any endeavor.”

“I’m certain that my one vote will count – I research thoroughly and talk with friends, family, and colleagues until we find clarity and consensus.”

“I vote because I know that my voice matters and whoever is set to lead can make or break my community. I also feel that voting is one of my civic duties as it helps to shape the community, state and country I want to see and live in.”

“I vote because it’s important to have my voice represented to ensure a prosperous tomorrow for generations to come.”

“Voting has really shaped my community and the causes I deeply care about. When we come together to vote, we’re essentially choosing the path our community will take. By electing leaders who share our values, we make sure that the issues we’re passionate about get the attention they deserve. My decision to vote isn’t just about me—it’s about making sure our community reflects our values and needs. It’s about supporting the causes I hold close and ensuring that they have a voice in the decisions that matter most.”

“It has put great women in public office.”

“Voting is the cornerstone of empowerment in our community. It sends candidates into roles as elected representatives to advocate for causes like public education, reproductive healthcare, and securing Arizona’s water future. I think the 2020 presidential election was likely the most pivotal of my lifetime – championing a candidate who values and works for ALL people, someone who seeks to unite rather than divide.”

“Having a voice in selecting elected leaders who share a common purpose has changed my community in a positive way.”

“Voting has shaped every aspect of my community as it gives us the opportunity to elect leaders from the local level to the national level that reflect the values and policies that build a fair and equitable society that includes inclusion and opportunity regardless of the color of ones skin, and promotes reproductive freedom rights, health care access, environmental justice, public education, LQBTQ rights, stewardship of our public lands, sustainable and renewable energy, preserves our environment and maintains clean air and water.”

“Voters have enabled Flagstaff and Coconino County to protect land and built parks and trails in and around my community; have given the Flagstaff Unified School District money for building construction and repairs as well as programs and supplies; and have enabled Mountain Line, our public transit to expand routes and make transit a real transportation option for residents. They’ve also elected people like me who care deeply about my community and who work hard to make life better for all residents.”

“Democrats believe that Arizona’s schools must be a place where all students can safely learn, grow, thrive, and be fully accepted for who they are. Republicans believe that the classroom is yet another stage for their extreme and out of touch policies. The contrast in education is the perfect example of why we must flip the legislature and give Democrats the power to pass common sense education reform that puts teachers and students first. Republicans are banning books, restricting our healthcare, going after our friends in the LGBTQ community, siphoning funds from our public schools through vouchers, destroying our environment, and trying to steal elections.”

“I’m grateful that the people of Arizona voted for our Governor and Attorney General. Governor Hobbs vetoed hurtful bills and I am grateful. AG Mayes is working to make sure that the law is followed, and that hasn’t happened for quite some time.”

“My district has flipped and stayed blue for a few cycles now. My current legislators listen to us and are strong advocates for a better life for all of us. I’m very happy with the direction we are going and will continue to help make our community the best it possibly can be.”

“When women’s rights are threatened, we come out in force. Women fought and died for our right to vote-we must not take that for granted and we must honor them by voting-every single time.”

“I have voted for women who share my core values and that has made our city, county, and state a better place.”

“I have seen a lot a collaborating when it comes to communities that comes together to vote. Even if we do not always agree, we work to hear one another.”

“Voting has given the causes I care about more attention and is a good way to get people to know about a cause. It can bring more people in so others can see the importance you see.”

“Right in our backyards, our local school elections have directly impacted our lives. When my children were attending local public schools, they benefited from the bonds and overrides that paid for technology to be part of their everyday education. Now that they are adults, I still support sensible local school elections to open doors for today’s students. Our community values rigorous education in science and technology, as well as the arts and support for the whole child. When we vote, it matters.”

“The voting I have participated in included allocating more funds for school districts, improving infrastructure and providing more funds for public transportation as well as expanding local businesses. These all contribute to the growth of my community.”

“I wish I knew more about the larger community on ordinary days. All my friends vote like I do. In the larger arena, we don’t discuss important things; we discuss sports. There are no big community discussions on policies, only politics and its scandals.”

“We got Barack Obama and Joe Biden and their great ideas. In a red red county, I find solidarity with rational people. Our changes may be small, but they’re steady.”

“Voting has allowed me certain rights that could’ve been restricted if otherwise not done. It also allows people within my communities to share their voices creating an environment the people want.”

“Voting has resulted in politicians representing, voting, and fighting for values I care deeply for: funding for education, reproductive rights, women’s rights, social Justice, and more.”

“With my vote, I am honoring my ancestors and future generations, the struggles I’ve faced, and the struggles of others still fighting for their rights.”

“Vote – because your future depends on it!”

“Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world.” – Sharon Salzberg

“Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it. – Susan B. Anthony”

“Every vote counts. The way we stand up for the issues that matter is by casting a vote for elected leaders who share our vision of community.”

“Together, through our activism and our vote, we create the community where we want to live and where we want to raise our children.”

“There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter.” -President Obama

“Vote. Vote not just for yourself. Vote for your neighbors, for your friends and family. Tu voto es tu voz.”

“Your vote is your voice!”

“An educated electorate preserves progress …”

“The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.” — John Lewis

“Your vote is your voice – su vota es su voz”

“So, it is up to us to add our voices and our votes to the course of history, echoing heroes like John Lewis who said, ‘When you see something that is not right, you must say something. You must do something.'” -Michelle Obama

“I feel a sense of duty to vote as a matter of doing my part to stand together with others to bring positive change, or to maintain goodness in our lives.”

“Ordinary people can accomplish great things.” -Sonia Sotomayor

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Too bad this was stated by a not-very-nice aristocrat.)

“Don’t complain if you didn’t vote.”

“Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world.” -Sharon Salzburg

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