Katie Hobbs: Fearless Fighter for Arizona

Who is Katie Hobbs:

As a social worker, Katie learned to listen to her community and roll up her sleeves to get things done. That’s how she approached her work as an advocate, and later as chief compliance officer for one of the largest domestic abuse shelters in the country. Katie provided resources to thousands of women suffering from domestic violence. As chief compliance officer, she worked to secure funding to support the center’s work. Watching our elected leaders fail those in need, Katie took action.

 In 2010, she was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives and in 2012, the State Senate. In 2014, she became the Senate Minority Leader. Katie fought for expanding Medicaid and providing healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans. She worked to secure the rights of victims of sexual and domestic violence. And she worked diligently to protect the voting rights of all the people of Arizona.

In 2018, she was elected Secretary of State. Under Katie’s leadership, the office was transformed. She modernized the office, fixed faulty or broken systems and battled misinformation from foreign and domestic sources. In 2020, Katie stepped up and delivered an historically secure election for Arizona voters. Now it is time for us to get her elected.

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