Victoria Steele

Victoria has experience as a business owner, a counselor, a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, and a television and radio news broadcaster. As a first-time candidate in 2012, Victoria was elected to the Arizona State House of Representatives by voters in LD9.

Victoria believes in continuing the investment in the education of our children, preserving our environment, and creating a sustainable economy for all Arizonans. She has proven conclusively that she can work across the aisle successfully. Victoria worked with members of both parties to get an appropriations of a quarter of a million dollars into the State Budget for the Mental Health First Aid program.

After an effective inaugural year at the State House, Representative Steele’s experience in committees ranges from being the Ranking Democrat on the Transportation committee to being a member on the Health and Insurance & Retirement committees. Victoria is also actively involved in the Tourism, Native American and Latino Caucuses. To get Arizona back on track she will continue to focus on Employment, Education, and Environment.