Lela Alston (i) – Phoenix Union School Board

Representative Lela Alston was re-elected in 2012 by voters in the new LD24 and, at the same, was elected to serve on her local school board. Lela is a Phoenix native, and a graduate of Phoenix Union High School. As a young wife and mother of two, Ms. Alston received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in three years. Later she received her master’s degree from Arizona State University while teaching full-time in the Phoenix Union High School District. In 1977, Ms. Alston was elected to the Arizona State Senate where she was a committee member on Appropriations for all 18 years of her service till 1995. As a State Senator she also served on the Education, Rules, Government, Commerce and Labor, Judiciary, and Transportation Committees. Ms. Alston served fourteen years in Democratic Leadership as Assistant Leader and Whip.  Over a period of years Ms. Alston’s tireless efforts, in cooperation with others, resulted in the creation of Arizona State University’s West Campus. In 1995 Ms. Alston spearheaded efforts to bring Metro Tech High School, a licensed primary care facility in partnership with Banner Health Care.

How Lela has Helped Arizona

Rep. Alston fought for renewable energy sources by sponsoring a bill that would offer net-metering, electric energy generated by an electric utility, to eligible customers as well as a bill that would expand public school tax credit to support extracurricular activities, character education programs, school lunch programs and school healthcare programs for public schools.

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