The Honorable Rose Mofford, Governor of Arizona


Beginning her career as an office secretary, Governor Mofford worked her way up through the ranks to become the state’s first female Secretary of State and first female Governor of Arizona.

The first female class president in the history of Globe High School, she had great success in both academics and athletics. She played basketball and was an All-American softball player. She graduated in 1939 as class valedictorian and, based upon her father’s advice, turned down a career as a professional athlete.

Following high school, Mofford began her career as a secretary for State Treasurer Joe Hunt. Following Hunt’s retirement in 1960, new commissioner Thad Moore fired Mofford, saying “we felt it was better to have a man in that job.” How far women have come in 50 years!

Arizona List is excited to honor and thank Governor Mofford for her significant role in paving the way for women in Arizona.