Secretary of State Katie Hobbs


Katie Hobbs has led a life of service. Beginning as a volunteer at her church and continuing with her job as a social worker and chief compliance officer at one of the largest domestic violence centers in the U.S., the focus of her life has been to help others to gain safety and security, to be heard, and to create a better life for themselves.

During graduate school, Katie interned at a domestic violence shelter in Phoenix. Her leadership and drive led her to being hired as the organization’s chief compliance officer. In that role, she worked directly on public policy and managed all regulatory and compliance issues. Katie found herself inspired by the people she believed were not being heard by their government. Her motivation to change lives is what inspired Katie to run for and win a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives and, later, the Arizona Senate where she served as minority leader.

Through each term, Katie has established a proven track record of bipartisan leadership and accomplishments. Witnessing Arizonans’ growing concern over the effectiveness of the Office of Secretary of State and its ability to protect them, particularly their right to vote, drove Katie Hobbs to run for and win that office. Now, Katie brings her years of experience to ensuring Arizona elections are secure, fair and efficient.