Rep. Jen Longdon


In 2004, Jen Longdon was paralyzed in a random drive-by shooting, changing the trajectory of her life overnight. Before the shooting, Jen was a successful businesswoman and provider to her family. After the shooting she struggled to stay afloat, losing her health insurance while lying in a hospital bed in a coma and confronting poverty head on. But in the face of such adversity, Jen triumphed. For 14 years Jen has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and improve the lives of people with disabilities. As a Commissioner on the Phoenix Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues, Jen helped create an amendment to the City’s non-discrimination ordinance which added protections for people with disabilities. A recent former president of Arizonans for Gun Safety, Jen worked with the City of Phoenix to organize Arizona’s largest gun buyback program which removed over 2,000 firearms from our streets. As LD 24’s representative in the State House, Jen has fought back against extremist policies and fought for our community through investment in education, attracting quality jobs and promoting the health and safety of all Arizonans. In September, Jen traveled to Washington, D.C. to testify for the U.S. House Ways and Means Oversight subcommittee about the cost of gun violence in her life. She has gone above and beyond in championing gun violence prevention.