Mayor Kate Gallego


Kate Gallego has spent her career working to find solutions to complex problems. As a Phoenix City Councilmember, Kate’s record of results includes leading the campaign to pass Phoenix’s citywide transportation plan through 2050 and working to ensure equal pay for equal work. On the council, Kate voted against an unnecessary tax hike, helped make Phoenix a leader in job creation, and worked with our police and firefighters to improve public safety and keep neighborhoods safe.

In 2017 Kate announced her campaign to become the first elected Democratic woman Mayor of Phoenix — and the only elected woman Mayor in the top 12 largest cities in the United States. As a mother to a young son, Kate is more focused than ever on making Phoenix the kind of city where kids can not only grow up, but want to call home as adults. Arizona List is proud to have stood with Kate and her historic, trailblazing campaign since the very beginning.