Maritza Miranda Saenz


Maritza Miranda Saenz is the proud daughter of farmworkers who knew the importance of education as a strong foundation. Both her parents instilled in her a sense of responsibility to care for community and be an advocate for others. Growing up in South Phoenix, political engagement and activism were a part of her everyday life.

In 2016, she decided to follow the family legacy and ran to represent her community in the Arizona Senate. A cornerstone of Maritza’s platform was being an unapologetic Pro Choice advocate. Although she fell short in the primary election, she understood that the fight for women and girls is never-ending. In 2017, she joined the hardworking and dedicated staff of Maricopa County Democratic Party as the Director of Operations. She is also the current chair of the Latino Outreach Committee. Lastly and most importantly, her motivation will always be to leave a strong country in the hands of her four children, Mariella, Abraham, Erin Marie and Naomi. Finally, none of her dedication would be possible without her loving and supportive husband Aaron and her parents Ben, Lucy and Mike.