Laura Hogan


Laura Hogan is one of the rare creatures who is a second generation native of Arizona. Laura had the privilege of working for Carolyn Warner for 9 years before marrying her Steelworker husband and moved to Pima County in 2000. She has been involved with Arizona List since its founding as a donor and a volunteer until she accepted the position of Political Director.

She is now employed as a Field Director for the Arizona AFL-CIO and is responsible for the planning and execution of the political and mobilization program for Labor in Pima County. Always an active Democrat, Laura has served as the District Chair for the former LD 30 and has worked on Strategic Planning, Fundraising and Platform committees for both the State and County party organizations. In 2011 she was elected State Vice Chairwoman for the Arizona Democratic Party. Laura was in the first graduating class of Emerge Arizona and has completed the campaign track of the grassroots training at Camp Wellstone, based on the work of Paul Wellstone.