Jacqueline Adams

2012 – Rising Star

Jacqueline Adams was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her father is a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army. When she was a kid, she moved to Germany where she went to school and was her mother’s interpreter. When her dad retired from the military, her family moved to South Pasadena, California and two years later they moved to Los Angeles. She attended high school and college in Southern California. That was the beginning of Jacqueline’s love affair with the Pacific Ocean.

Employed in the mortgage industry for 15 years, Jacqueline traveled and lived in different cities and states where she held the positions of Vice-President, Director of Operations/Underwriting Manager, and buyer and seller of mortgage loans. Throughout her life, Jacqueline has continually been placed into leadership positions – standing up for working families and working to ensure that family dreams are possible.

Jacqueline moved to Arizona and volunteered with the Arizona Democratic Party for five years. She recently joined the staff as the Director of Operations and Volunteer Coordinator. She received two Volunteer of The Year Awards from the ADP, and the Power Award from Obama for America.

Her many other leadership roles include a Precinct Committee Person, a State Committee Person, service on the State Credentials Committee, and a radio segment. She is a graduate of the Center for Progressive Leadership, a member of Citizens for a Better Arizona, and has worked as a scheduler on a 2010 U.S. Senate campaign.