Emily Herrell

2012 – Rising Star

Emily Herrell was born and raised in Tucson, and has a deep love for Southern Arizona. Her roots and connection to this vibrant community have driven her to devote her time and energy in her career to two non-profits close to her heart: Planned Parenthood and Habitat for Humanity.

After completing her degree in Political Science at the University of Arizona, she took an entry-level administrative assistant position at Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona. Through the mentorship of several staff and board members, she quickly transitioned into the role of Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator when the two Arizona Planned Parenthood affiliates merged. After an exhilarating five years in this position, she branched out into the area that she loved the most about her role at Planned Parenthood: working with volunteers.

Emily has been on board with Habitat for Humanity Tucson as their Volunteer Coordinator since October 2011, managing a volunteer force of over 2,500. Emily has also been on the Executive Committee of the Arizona Women’s Political Caucus since 2008.

Prior to her more recent non-profit experiences, she held a number of odd jobs in Tucson, including serving up cups of joe at a local coffee shop, a manager at Barnes & Noble, and her most glamorous job: taking care of dogs and cats at a kennel. In her spare time she enjoys running, cycling, and hanging out with her family. She lives with her partner and cat in a historic home in downtown Tucson.