Ellen Malcolm

2014 – Special 10th Anniversary Award

Ellen Malcolm founded EMILY’s List in 1985 to help level the political playing field for women interested in running for office.  She has given women donors unprecedented influence in electoral politics; brought millions of women voters to the polls; and created a powerful movement dedicated to restoring progressive values to American government. She has “changed the face of power” in the United States and inspired Arizona List and other similar organizations across the country.  From Vanity Fair to the New York Times, Malcolm has been hailed for providing support, and mobilization for women in politics like no one before.

Ellen is a true foremother in the women’s movement.  Not only did she create an entire organization to aid women in the fight for protection of their own bodies; she understands the women who support choice, support equality for women. Candidates who vote for choice are more likely to be progressive on all accounts and hold fast to their core beliefs once in office.