Dr. Sandra Erunez Otero

Dr. Sandra Erunez Otero, Ed.D., holds the esteemed position of Vice President and CEO at Los  Jarritos Mexican Food, Inc., a distinguished family-owned enterprise. With an illustrious career  spanning over thirty-five years, Dr. Otero has demonstrated a profound expertise in diverse facets  of business administration, ranging from small-scale operations to imparting academic instruction  at the University of Phoenix, where she serves as a part-time faculty member. 

Throughout her professional journey, Dr. Otero has exemplified unwavering dedication to public  service, including notable roles within the State of Arizona Medicaid program. Inspired by her  mother, Frances Erunez, a stalwart advocate for civic engagement and political organizing in  Tucson, Dr. Otero has tirelessly pursued avenues to effect positive change within her community. 

Educationally, Dr. Otero boasts a Bachelor’s degree from the esteemed University of Arizona,  complemented by a Master’s in Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern  Arizona University. Her commitment to continuous learning is further evidenced by her participation  in prestigious executive programs at Harvard’s JFK School of Government and the Center for  Creative Leadership, alongside her recognition as a 2006 fellow of the National Hispana Leadership  Program. 

Dr. Otero’s influence extends beyond her professional pursuits, as evidenced by her active  involvement in various committees and boards, including the City of Tucson Small Minority and  Women-Owned Business Commission (SMWBC), the Hispanic Professional Action Committee  (HPAC), and the Board of Directors of Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse.  

Privately, Dr. Otero finds fulfillment in her familial ties, sharing her life with her husband, Marco  Otero, and their daughter, Sandra, alongside her son-in-law, Ben. Her personal and professional  endeavors stand as a testament to her deep-rooted values and steadfast commitment to making a  meaningful impact within her sphere of influence.