Connie DeLarge

2018 – Laura Hogan Service Award

Connie DeLarge was born in Nashville, Tennessee, attended Tennessee State University and in 1978 moved to Los Angeles, California. Connie was raised in a political activist home; her parents participated in the Nashville sit ins in 1960. Connie attended Merritt College before moving to Tucson in 1994. Connie worked for DeConcini, McDonald, Yetwin, & Lacy in the accounting department and later as a legal secretary. In 2006, she helped form the African American Democratic Caucus where she still serves as Treasurer.

Connie is also the Chair of the Tucson Chapter of the African American Democratic Caucus and the Correspondence Secretary for the Pima County Democratic Party. Connie’s mission is to educate our community on voting and protecting the “Six Pack” –  Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Fair Housing Rights, Education Rights, Equal Justice, Equal Education and Equal Employment Opportunity.