Building an Arizona for Everyone: Minority Leader Raquel Terán’s Blueprint for Progress

Written by Raquel Terán

The work is just getting started.

The first week of the legislative session is wrapping up, we just got our first look at a Democratic budget, and we know that the dynamics have drastically changed at the Capitol. Thank you so much for your help in sending me back to the legislature.

This legislative session, I’ll be serving as the Democratic Minority Leader, which is a game changer for Arizona. I am so excited to be the caucus leader of 14 amazing Democrats, including 12 women!

This week, our caucus introduced a Blueprint for Arizona that includes four pillars: Education, economy, equity for all, and the environment. The issues we are working on are grounded in reality- the realities of what our communities are facing, what we heard on the campaign trail, and what Arizona needs.

In the legislature, Democrats are still in the minority, but we are strong. We are JUST shy of being half of the representation at the Capitol. Governor Hobbs laid out a vision in her State of the State address that will help so many people in Arizona and we are so excited to be working with her. To achieve the vision Governor Hobbs laid out in her speech, we’ll need all hands on deck throughout the legislative session to advocate for good legislation and help block legislation that harms our communities.

Join us by letting us know your priorities. Click here to take part in our issue survey so that we focus on what is most important to the working families of Arizona.

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