PRESS RELEASE: Arizona for Abortion Access collects more than 500,000 signatures

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Arizona for Abortion Access collects more than 500,000 signatures 

PHOENIX — Today, Arizona for Abortion Access announced they have collected more than 500,000 Arizona voter signatures with more than 3 months left until the July 3 submission deadline. The required number of valid voter signatures for constitutional amendments is 383,923. 

“This number is a testament to how popular reproductive freedom and protecting abortion access are among Arizona voters,” said Chris Love, a spokeswoman for the campaign. 

“Since our signature gathering efforts began last fall, we have amassed a grassroots network of well over 3,000 volunteers across Arizona, from Bullhead City to Nogales and hundreds of communities in between,” said Cheryl Bruce, campaign manager. “Voters are eager to sign this petition and have a direct say in restoring abortion access this November.”

“As a volunteer signature gatherer in the East Valley, my experience tabling and going to events has been motivating,” said Susan Ashley of Maricopa County. “People are excited to sign and many thank us for being out here. It’s amazing to hear the stories people share as they sign, especially from mothers and grandmothers who say it’s unacceptable that their daughters and granddaughters have fewer freedoms than they did.” 

The Arizona Abortion Access Act will amend the Arizona Constitution to establish a fundamental right to abortion and ensure Arizonans, our families and providers – not politicians – have control over our healthcare decisions. It protects access to abortion up to the point of viability and to protect the patient’s health and life, as determined by the treating healthcare provider. 

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