Kris Mayes’ 12 Point Plan

 Friend, it’s Kris Mayes, the Democratic candidate for Arizona attorney general.

I have a 12-point plan to protect women and doctors in my home state, and I’m excited to share it with you today, friend. This is a brief summary of what I’ll do (and won’t do) as Arizona’s next AG:

  1. 1. No prosecutions of women, doctors, physician associates, nurses, midwives, doulas or pharmacists for providing or receiving abortion care
  2. 2. Use county attorney supervisory authority to advise not prosecuting those who perform or receive abortion care
  3. 3. Refuse to extradite Arizonans to other states for prosecution and refuse to participate in any effort to extradite an Arizonan from another state following an abortion
  4. 4.Provide guidance to Arizonans on how to keep their reproductive digital data private
  5. 5. Work to prevent apps and internet companies from violating the privacy of women (and others) in AZ
  6. 6. Fight subpoenas issued to medical professionals or others related to providing reproductive care
  7. 7. Establish a crisis legal hotline inside the AG office for Arizonans
  8. 8. Convene a working group of state legal leaders on reproductive rights
  9. 9. Convene a working group of medical and reproductive care service providers
  10. 10. Work to ensure safe passage of persons to other states for abortion care when requested
  11. 11. Join pro-choice attorneys general in federal legal actions aimed at bolstering reproductive rights
  12. 12. Support a constitutional measure to explicitly enshrine the right to abortion in the Arizona constitution

This is just the start of our comprehensive vision for protecting access to safe and legal abortion and other reproductive care, and I hope it gives you a sense of the measures we can take to protect Arizonans. Our state’s residents deserve an AG with the experience, commitment, and decisiveness necessary to protect their rights. I am running to be that AG, and I hope you’ll join our grassroots campaign.

Click here to view the full detailed plan from Kris Mayes

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