Patty Contreras

Running for LD12 House.

Patricia “Patty” Contreras, a dedicated Democrat, represents Arizona’s District 12 in the House of Representatives, serving Ahwatukee (Phoenix), south Tempe, northeast and west Chandler, and a precinct in GRIC. With over three decades of service to Phoenix residents, Patty retired from the City of Phoenix in 2021 having worked in the Parks and Recreation and Human Services departments. Born in Yuma and raised in Somerton, Arizona, Patty’s family roots in Arizona trace back over a century, with a legacy of hard work and community care. Since assuming office, Patty has prioritized education, senior services, environmental protection, and veterans’ support. She advocates for increased funding in education, fair wages for school staff, and resources for seniors to age in place safely. Patty’s commitment to environmental issues includes addressing climate change and safeguarding water resources. Inspired by her father’s service in the Korean War, Patty honors veterans and their sacrifices, embodying a deep patriotism and belief in democracy. As she seeks re-election, Patty remains dedicated to uplifting communities, strengthening resilience, and securing a brighter future for all Arizonans.

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