Patty Contreras

LD12 House

Patty Contreras is a native Arizonan; her family has been in Arizona for over 100  years. Originally from Somerton, near Yuma, she has lived in the Phoenix valley  40+ years and in Legislative District 12 over 30 years. Patty’s great-grandparents emigrated from Mexico and settled in Morenci where  they worked in the mines. They became migrant farmworkers after moving to  Somerton in the 1920’s. Her grandparents and parents were farm workers and her father later became a successful businessman in Yuma. As a public servant for the majority of her career, Patty Contreras is passionate about working to provide legislation that will enhance the lives of residents of Arizona. She is running on the issues of fully funding education, helping seniors  and veterans, combating climate change, and protecting Arizona’s water supply. Patty retired from the City of Phoenix after 31+ years of service to Phoenix residents. She worked in both the Parks and Recreation and Human Services Departments primarily providing services, resources, and programs to seniors and people with disabilities.