Junelle Cavero

Junelle Cavero is a community advocate, small business owner, and mother. Raised by working class, immigrant parents, she attributes her education and upbringing to her father, a Navy Vietnam veteran and retired union US Postal Letter Carrier. Junelle successfully fought for WWII veterans equity in Congress and expanded healthcare access to veterans. She began as high school civic engagement program director, worked on presidential campaigns, and fought discrimination at the Arizona Fair Housing Center. For over 20 years, she has fought for equal opportunity, equity and economic security. She earned her Master’s in Public Administration to serve these communities. Junelle is concerned with the growth of homelesssness in our district and is committed to working with public safety officials and community members to establish a trusting relationship that ensures our neighborhoods are safe. As a public administrator, she has the experience to create policies and budgets to address such concerns. Junelle has a solid track record of achieving grants and fostering business development. She will work with local officials and community leaders to strengthen working families.