Anna Abeytia

Anna was born and raised in Maryvale, and spent her teenage years between Glendale and Phoenix. She is a proud product of the Cartwright School District, having attended Spitalny Elementary and Atkinson Middle schools. Getting involved with her community was something that came naturally, her grandparents were civil rights activists and instilled in her the importance of being politically engaged and standing up for what is right – and she now serves as the youngest member of the Cartwright Governing School Board. Since graduating from high school in 2014, she has worked on numerous campaigns here in Arizona, and knew that she needed to do more than help Democrats get elected and pass or ballot initiatives. She loves the work she does for her community on the Cartwright School Board, but has realized there is more work to be done in order to fully advocate for the improvement of our schools and communities. That is why she is stepping up to run for the House of Representatives.

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