Analise Ortiz

LD24 House

Analise Ortiz is a Latina civil rights activist and a former journalist running to represent Maryvale and Glendale in the Arizona House of Representatives Legislative District 24. Ortiz’s parents are both educators who taught their six kids to always give back to the community. Growing up in Arizona, Ortiz recognized that many state leaders were passing laws that hurt Arizona families and was determined to shine light on these injustices. Ortiz graduated from ASU and pursued a career in political reporting before moving on to get involved in politics herself. Ortiz has several years of legislative advocacy and grassroots organizing experience. While working at the ACLU, Ortiz helped push forward criminal justice reform legislation and defeat bills that would restrict abortion care. Ortiz is an auntie to six kids and is committed to building a brighter future for them and all Arizona kids. She has a track record of fighting for working families and is ready to deliver courageous leadership.