Triné Nelson

Triné (pronounced Trina) is a parent and professional who knows how to create effective educational models and to prepare students for the future. For over fifteen years, Triné has built her career working in, and around, education. She began by helping youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems to find educational opportunities to prepare them to enter the workforce. Since then, her understanding of the integral relationship between education and community involvement has only grown. Triné is currently a Manager of Curriculum Design on the Career Management team at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business. As the mother of two Kyrene children, Triné has been an active member of the Kyrene community for over nine years and has served in a variety of roles within the district. From her time volunteering in the classroom to being a PTO committee chair, to serving as a co-chair for the 2021 M&O Override election, Triné has seen the high standard of excellence that Kyrene strives to provide each student. Through the experiences of her children, Triné has seen a wide spectrum of educational experiences. She understands the challenges, and joys, that accompany having a child who needs differentiated learning. Triné believes that schools are the cornerstone of a community and is deeply committed to the continued success of Kyrene schools.