Sophia Ramirez

Creighton Elementary School Board

Sophia is a first-generation American, a bilingual activist, and a strong enduring mother of two school-aged children.  Sophia is an active volunteer member of the “Moms Demand Action” organization and volunteers as a “Big Sister” to her local Big Brother Big Sister foundation. Sophia is also a part-time social worker with foster children and has a natural ability to see where change is needed and the drive to put those changes into motion.

For the last eight years, Sophia has been actively involved in campaigns that unite educators, aid the children in the school district, and progressively strengthen the community. Sophia’s passion lies in connecting with all people providing an educated, supportive voice for those in her community that might not otherwise have one. Sophia has actively promoted and improved voting in “low-vote” areas.

Sophia’s vision is simple, a message of unity between educators, children, schools, staff, and parents. With Sophia’s experience and passion for children, her years advocating for change within education, she defines a catalyst for change that will amplify the district.