Nikki Lee

Tucson City Council

Nikki Lee is a current council member for the city of Tucson. She is an Air Force veteran, information technology expert, wife, and mother of three. She was raised in a small town in rural Illinois and grew up in a working class family. Her father worked in mining for 44 years and has been a preacher for 22 years. Her mother owned and operated a small business for many years and now works at a local bank. This background has given her personal insight and experience in to the needs of working-class families. Following in the footsteps of many family members, Nikki enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 17, combining her desire to serve her country and her interest in technology. The GI bill allowed her to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with a minor in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management and an MBA in IT Management. She and her husband made a home in Tucson and started their family here after being stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Nikki previously worked as an organizer for Save Our Schools Arizona, to keep public dollars in public schools, before running for State Representative in Legislative District 10. As a City Council Member, Nikki will fight for economic development, job growth, and environmental sustainability. She is running as a City Clean Elections candidate because she believes in grassroots campaigns and the importance of connecting directly with Tucsonans rather than dark money donors.