Nikki Amberg

Nikki Amberg’s journey into public policy began as her frustrations with the “system” grew.  As a teacher in Louisiana’s public high schools, she quickly learned that real change came with getting involved in the actual shaping of public policy. So, Nikki traded in her grade book for a public relations job at the Louisiana House of Representatives. Shortly after moving to Arizona, Nikki landed a job on the Senate Democratic Caucus staff as their main press liaison and education policy advisor. Her last three years in the Senate were spent as Chief of Staff, where she continued advocating for public policies closely aligned with her ideals. Most recently, she worked for the City of Tempe, her hometown of choice. Her twenty-five years of service on local and state non-profit boards, campaigns and governments have helped shape her desire to make a difference in the trenches where things get done. And now, Nikki is running for a seat on the Tempe City Council to help improve the “system” where she calls home.