Naketa Ross

Phoenix Union High School Board

Naketa is the epitome of resiliency. As a person who was in foster care, Naketa Ross knows firsthand the power of education to empower students. In her career as an advocate for marginalized youth, Naketa realized the gap in services provided for those aging out of the foster care system. This inspired her to start a non-profit to fill the void. She founded a researched based, trauma informed program to educate at risk youth in building resilient life skills.

Naketa is a proud military mom and the mother of a child with special needs who attends school in the Phoenix Union High School District. She is the only candidate with a student in the district, making her a vital voice for the school board. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Southern Illinois University. Naketa is very active in her community and is dedicated to advocating for families in Phoenix. It is her passion and purpose to make a difference in the lives of youth, knowing what it is like to not have the resources needed to be a successful adult. It’s her life experiences that drive Naketa to be the change she didn’t see growing up.  Naketa will use her education and advocacy experience to ensure every student at a Phoenix Union school is given the opportunity to reach their potential.