Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney

Laura Conover is the current Pima County Attorney. A lifelong Democrat and Tucsonan, she was elected in 2020, at the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the crime spike it caused. In her first term she led her office to clear the existing homicide case backlog, re-established the Office’s fraud unit to protect our community from financial scams and crime, she ended the practice of discretionarily charging minors as adults, stopped seeking the death penalty within her jurisdiction, improved office morale by securing the first agency-wide pay raise since 1997, and helped partner to bring down the homicide and robbery rates by 36% and 39% respectively from two years ago: out performing the rest of the State and Nation. Public service is a family endeavor for Laura and her family. Her brother became a police officer and now runs a highly specialized, non uniformed mental health team, within the Tucson Police Department. Before her time in office Laura was an experienced criminal trial attorney who used her position to advocate for the rights of the poor, to advocate for victims, and to help train and mentor the next generation of attorneys tasked with keeping our community safe and sound.

Learn more about Laura on her website here.