Anna Hernandez

LD24 Senate

Anna Hernandez is a progressive Democrat running for State Senate in Legislative District 24. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. While she never wanted to run for office, her family, like many families, has paid the cost of the intentional choices of politicians who put money and ego before people. Because of their choices, AZ ranks 48th in education but 8th in incarceration, quality jobs aren’t in our neighborhoods, housing is unaffordable, and our communities are denied important resources. Anna began advocating for police accountability and reinvestment of the police budget in community resources after her brother was killed by the Phoenix Police Department in 2019. Since then she has learned that state violence is not limited to policing and criminalization but is also maintained by how elected officials advance policies that keep our communities in poverty, attack our autonomy, and reduce our life expectancy. Anna believes that we need to be represented by people that understand the impact of their decisions. She is committed to fighting for fully funded education for children, access to quality jobs, affordable housing for all, resources for mental health and substance use, and freedom from state violence.