Debbie McCune Davis

State House – Legislative District 30

Debbie attended R. E. Simpson in the Alhambra Elementary School District and Orangewood Elementary School in the Washington Elementary School District. During her years at Washington High School she was involved in a variety of activities at both school and church. She became involved in Student Council during her Junior and Senior year, graduating in 1969. She began her higher education at Glendale Community College and graduated from Arizona State University in 1975 with a degree in Sociology.  In 1978 Debbie was elected to the House of Representatives at the age of 27. She served as Minority Whip from 1982-1994. After an eight year absence from the legislature, she was elected to the House of Representatives in 2002. In 2006 she was elected to serve in the Senate. In 2010 the voters returned her to the House of Representatives and re-elected her in 2012 to represent the new LD30. Debbie’s key legislative priorities include Education, Health Care, Neighborhood Issues and Consumer Issues. She works closely with neighborhood groups to keep neighborhoods resilient and safe. Ensuring schools and universities have the ability to provide education opportunities for all Arizonans is also important to Debbie.  Today, working as Program Director of The Arizona Partnership for Immunization (TAPI) Debbie has been influential in promoting immunization and preventive health services for all Arizonans. She has been on the ground floor of creating a statewide registry for tracking immunizations of children and adults.

How Debbie has Helped Arizona

Debbie McCune-Davis was a frontrunner in the fight against payday loans by explaining how payday lenders exploit people’s financial hardships for profit. In addition, she sponsored bills that set prison terms for adults who engage in child prostitution and that alleviate vaccine costs for adolescents.