Barbara McGuire

State Senate – Legislative District 8

As a 3rd generation Arizona native, District 8 has been a big part of Barbara’s life. In 2012, LD8 voters elected her to the Arizona State Senate.

Barbara grew up in the Copper Corridor, gained hard working values in a multi-ethnic mining community. As she raised her family in the same town she grew up in, she opened a travel agency and worked as the Salvation Army Extension Unit Director for the Copper Corridor and surrounding area. She received the Salvation Army’s Distinguished Service Award and in 2004 was named Citizen of the Year by the people in her hometown. Prior to joining the Senate, she served four years in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Her expertise in natural resources, military affairs, public safety, community support and long-term care has made her a leader on these issues and her motto of “EAR – efficient, accountable, responsive” government will continue as her guiding philosophy. She will work to improve state and local economies, create jobs, improve education, address real estate recovery, growth, quality-of-life issues, and keep the government off our backs.