Angela LeFevre

Sedona City Council

Angela’s commitment to revitalizing the Arizona economy, raising our education standards and increasing access to affordable healthcare are why she ran for Sedona City Council.

Bringing better jobs to Sedona requires a steady stream of better-educated workers. We cannot cut funds to education every time the state budget is tight. Nor can we expect families to hold two or three of those good jobs in order to pay for skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Angela has an advanced degree in Economics and International Relations. She has worked as an educator, a business owner and in senior management with a Fortune 500 company.

She has mentored at-risk teens, worked as a supervisor in the Yavapai County Juvenile Probation program and volunteered in protecting Arizona’s natural resources.

The challenges Angela LeFevre faced as a teacher, small businesswoman, and a single mother raising a family have shaped her life. She believes that anyone who’s willing to work hard deserves the opportunity to succeed; that the government should do what it can to help—then get out of the way.