Pat Fleming


A resident of Sierra Vista, Pat has decades of public service on her resume.  Pat’s decades of experience as a budget and manpower analyst have prepared her well to ensure that the state has a balanced budget while protecting families and education. She is focused on getting real results from government programs.  She is a fiscal conservative who will fund education and vital community programs without frivolous spending.  Pat is passionate about protecting Arizona’s families, children and seniors.  She believes every child and college student deserves a world-class education.  She wants all seniors to have access to affordable prescription drugs.  Pat has been, and will continue to be, an advocate for our active duty military, our military installations, and our veterans.  Pat is a leader in our state capitol, and was one of only 8 Democratic lawmakers to pass a bill this session, a bipartisan-supported bill that allows Arizona Veterans to qualify for in-state tuition to attend any Arizona college or university. This is the kind of common-sense legislation Pat focuses on, and it is now law.  Pat is committed to preserving the ranches, farms, and rural communities that underpin such a big part of our cultural heritage.  She also works to attract new businesses that bring good jobs to our communities.

How Pat has Helped Arizona

Pat Fleming was a primary sponsor in helping pass a law that provides an honorably discharged veteran in Arizona with in-state status for the purpose of tuition at any public university or community college. In addition, she fought for the Arizona economy by sponsoring a bill that would prohibit a state governmental unit from awarding a contract to a vendor that performs work outside of the U.S. and a bill that says employers cannot harass former employees receiving disability benefits.

“All three [of these bills] are representative of the kind of legislation that would help my LD25 constituents… as well as many other Arizonans,” says Ms. Fleming.