Kyrsten Sinema

State Senate – Legislative District 15

In November 2010 Kyrsten Sinema was elected to District 15 State Senate. She sits on the Senate Appropriations, Rules, Judiciary and Government Reform Committee. Prior to her election see served three terms in the House of Representatives. Sinema is an alumna of Arizona State University. She received a law degree and a master’s degree in Social Work. She has had a strong focus on health reform, and was the only legislator in the state of Arizona to be a part of the White House Health Reform Task Force. Sinema is a strong voice for the central Phoenix area, and was named in 2010 Time Magazine’s “40 under 40 rising stars of American politics”.

How Kyrsten has Helped Arizona

Krysten Sinema is a fighter in the Arizona Senate and helped pass multiple bills, including one that exempts spouses and unemancipated minors from being disqualified from unemployment benefits if they are changing locations with a member of the Armed Services under orders. She also helped pass a bill that combats the use of drophouses and human smuggling across the border and a bill that protects grieving family members at funerals from protest activities by requiring protest activities to occur 300 feet away from the funeral site.